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Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Review 2021

Is it the The Most Functional Dolphin Robotic Pool Vacuum?

The three Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are the classic Dolphin Nautilus, the Dolphin Nautilus CC, and now the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. They all have similar functions and builds.

However, the CC and CC Plus models clean pool water faster than the original Dolphin Nautilus. The CC Plus is the largest of the three models, with larger filters and more reach than the other two. Of course, it is priced the highest too.

Once you learn about all the CC Plus features, you might not mind paying extra for the quality results that it provides. If you have up to a 50-foot inground swimming pool, the CC Plus could clean the entire thing in about two hours or less. This includes removing debris from the walls and floor as well. Not too many other robotic pool cleaners can clean such a big pool in that amount of time.

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Robotic Pool [Vacuum] Cleaner

Ideal for Above/In Ground Swimming Pools up to 33 Feet

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus comes with the following features:

  • Anti-swivel power cord (60 feet in length)
  • Eight times the power efficiency of regular pressure cleaners and suction cleaners
  • Two scrub brushes
  • Large (top access) ultrafine filters & leaf filters
  • Patented CleverClean technology
  • Power supply (180 watts)
  • Extended warranty for 2.5 years
  • Easy operation (one-button activation)


Now let’s examine its functions more closely.

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner – Ideal for Above and In-Ground Swimming Pools up to 33 Feet – with Large Capacity Top Load Filter Basket…
  • Sit back and relax while the Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic vacuum cleans the pool for you. Ideal for small swimming pools, above or in-ground up to 33 feet. This easy to use, compact cleaner will have your pool ready for splashing fun in just 2 hours
  • Efficiency is key when it comes to pool cleaning. Unlike suction and pressure cleaners, Dolphins are 8 times more energy efficient and do not rely on your pool pump or filter to get the job done. Ditch the pumps and hose and save energy with every pool cleaning
  • Dolphin does all the hard work for you. Agile and efficient, the Nautilus CC was designed to clean your pool, effortlessly. With superior scrubbing and filtering capabilities, you can relax knowing your pool’s floor and walls are left exceptionally clean
  • Clean your pool with the touch of a button. Schedule the Nautilus CC to automatically clean your swimming pool each week using 3 settings- every day, every other day, or every 3rd day
  • With more than 35 years of cleaning the world’s residential swimming pools, Dolphins provide pool owners with a hassle-free cleaning solution of unmatched performance and longevity. Get back to what really matters; spending time with family and friends
Navigation System

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has an internal navigational system comprised of innovative CleverClean technology. The system utilizes an algorithm to determine where obstacles are located, such as the steps and ladders. You have to run the cleaner for a couple of cleaning cycles before it learns where the obstacles are positioned.

In the meantime, it will bump into the obstacles to map out their specific locations. So, do not feel alarmed when you see the cleaner bumping into these obstacles. It is perfectly normal and part of the process. There is no mobile phone app or remote control to operate the cleaner manually.

The CC Plus does not always remove debris from the waterline or the steps. Some people claim that it does clean these areas, but it was not designed for it.

Filtration System

You’ll find a lot of comparable robotic pool cleaners that have powerful jets in the back of them. These jets are meant to dislodge tough debris from the corners and walls of the pool. The only problem is the debris will often get blown out into the water without ever getting picked up.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has taken care of this problem because water flow enters its bottom rather than the top. That way, the water can pass through the filters from the bottom and come out of the top. This does a great job of removing more debris from the water.

There are two filters included with the CC Plus. The first is the ultrafine filter, designed to remove fine debris like dirt, sand, and pollen. The second is the mesh leaf filter for removing bigger pieces of debris like bugs, leaves, and sticks. And since these are top access filter cartridges, you can clean them faster and easier.

Swivel Power Cable

The swivel power cable is 60 feet long with patented anti-tangle technology. Whenever the robotic cleaner rotates, the cable swivels to avoid entanglement. There is a floating buoy attached to the cord to keep it afloat. The buoy does more to prevent the cord from getting tangled.

Rubber Bladed Scrub Brushes

The scrub brushes contain rubber blades that remove debris at double the speed of the cleaner’s movement. All the grime and dirt will get swept right underneath the cleaner, so it can get pulled up and filtered out. The blades are big enough to handle small and large pieces of debris.

The scrub brushes will probably have to be replaced after about a year or so. They get worn out quickly if used often. Fortunately, you can purchase replacement brushes for the cleaner and install them easily.

Clean Scheduling

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has an automated scheduler.  You can choose from three different cleaning schedules. You can initiate a cleaning cycle one time, two times or three times per week. Every cycle lasts for approximately 2 hours or so. If you need more time to clean the pool, you can restart the cycle manually. It just requires you to press a few buttons on the power unit to perform this action.

How to Operate the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus comes with an instruction manual. However, the instructions are very brief, and they don’t go into that much detail. We recommend you visit the Maytronics website and look at their online guide for the CC Plus. It is much more detailed and includes diagrams and tutorial videos as well.

Let’s go over the basic steps for setting up and operating the CC Plus:

  1. Grab the power cable. Begin to unwind and stretch out the cable to expose its entire length.
  2. Grab the scrub brushes. If you see plastic covers on them, then take off the covers.
  3. Pick up the power supply unit and walk to the longest side of your inground swimming pool. You should be roughly 12 feet away from the edge of the pool toward the middle of that longer side. Put down the power supply in this area.
  4. Connect the power cord and power supply. The connector has a notch that must align with the socket’s groove. Turn in a clockwise direction to lock the connection securely.
  5. Find an available electrical outlet and plug the other end of the power cord into it. Make sure the power supply is off.
  6. Let the robotic cleaner enter the pool water. It should sink to the bottom of the pool.
  7. Don’t have too much cord in the water. There should only be enough to allow the cleaner to reach as far as it can go.
  8. Activate the power supply to begin a two-hour cleaning cycle.
  9. You can schedule weekly cleaning cycles with the three buttons on the power supply unit. Each button represents a different schedule.
  10. Once the cleaning cycle ends, turn off the power supply. Disconnect the cord from the power unit.
  11. Grab the cable and pull the robotic cleaner toward your location. The cleaner should start to float closer to you.
  12. Grab the handle and pick up the robotic cleaner. Do not pick it up by the cord.
  13. Place the robotic cleaner down on the edge of the pool. Allow time for water to drain from the cleaner.

Positive Reviews

Customers love the affordable price tag of the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. They feel the cleaner offers plenty of value for the price. Some cleaners that cost twice as much don’t do as good a job of cleaning the water. The filters are easy to access, remove and clean. The pool pump can be turned off during the cleaning process to save on electricity.

Another excellent quality of the CC Plus is its ability to climb walls and clean debris from them. There is even talk of the cleaner removing debris from the steps and waterline too. The cleaner doesn’t seem to get caught on raised drains either. 

Negative Reviews

Some people with larger inground swimming pools had claimed that it took up to 3 cleaning cycles before their pool water was cleaned entirely. The manufacturer also states that you shouldn’t keep the robotic cleaner in the water when it is not being used. You’re supposed to use a caddy to store it. But if you need to schedule a weekly automated cleaning, it still requires you to place the cleaner in the pool manually.

There is no caddy, smartphone app or remote control included with the CC Plus. And while some customers had success in cleaning the waterline, other customers claimed it did not clean the waterline entirely.