The Best Salt Water Pool System in 2021

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It takes work to maintain the sanitation and cleanliness of a swimming pool. That is why most pool owners hire a professional pool technician to do the maintenance work for them. Although that might save you time and effort, it won’t change the fact that unhealthy chemicals are getting put in your pool to keep it sanitary.

Have you ever noticed how chemical-based chlorine makes your eyes burn and sometimes even shortens your breath? Why subject people to these nasty side effects when you can clean your pool with a more natural chlorinator?

Salt water chlorinators are made to quickly and safely sanitize your swimming pool without the use of harsh chemicals. They also make pool sanitation much more affordable because you don’t have to keep buying new chemicals every month.

What is a Salt Water Chlorinator?

Salt water chlorinators are swimming pool water systems that use table salt to produce chlorine for the pool. A chlorinator can only function if the pool water has 3,000 ppm. Before you purchase a chlorinator, you must understand how a pool gets sanitized from the salt water chlorine.

Here is a basic rundown of this process:

  1. 1) Salt gets added at the bottom of the pool water. A brush might be used to dissolve the salt in the water.
  2. The chlorinator contains a control box or salt cell. The latter features parallel titanium plates with a ruthenium or iridium coating. If using a control box, it transmits a small amount of DC to the metal.
  3. When water flows through the cell, hypochlorous acid gets produced from the salt. It is the equivalent of putting stick chlorine or granular tablets in the water.
  4. When the hypochlorous acid circulates throughout the pool water, it will become healthier and more sanitary for users.

Top Salt Water Pool Chlorinators System Available on the Market Today

There are at least seven high-quality salt water chlorinators on the market that we recommend. Here they are below:

Please note the Pentair 520556 IntelliChlor Power Center must be purchase separately

1. Pentair IntelliChlor IC20 Chlorine Generator Cell

The Pentair IntelliChlor IC20 is a top-quality chlorine generator from a brand you can trust. The display feature makes it simple to monitor the salt levels in the water to ensure that your pool stays sanitized. You can also see information about the water flow and chlorine output. If you want to adjust the amount of chlorine produced for the water, all you have to do is press a few buttons. There are no special skills needed. The control panel has two buttons to adjust various settings for the chlorinator, such as the chlorine output, cell cleaning cycles and operating hours. The tracking feature lets you know how much time is left for the cycles to be completed. The Pentair 520556 Intellichlor Power Center is required to prolong the life of the IC20 Chlorine Generator Cell system. The chlorinator automatically deactivates to preserve its cell life for as long as possible, especially during low-temperature conditions. Its automated communication capabilities can extend to the IntelliTouch, SunTouch, and Easy Touch. The Pentair IntelliChlor IC20 is ideal for an inground swimming pool with no more than 20,000 gallons of water. It has received its UL 1081 certification and NSF approval. The downside is that you have to buy the power centre separately.

2. Hayward W3AQR9 Pool Salt System

The Hayward W3AQR9 is one of the top salt water chlorination systems to come from this brand. It uses table salt to sanitize your entire pool and keep it clean. You’ll be able to sanitize up to 25,000 gallons of water with this system. Don’t worry about the chlorine that is produced from the table salt. It won’t irritate your skin or eyes as regular chlorine does. There won’t be any strange odors in the air either. Users can simply relax and adore a pleasant pool experience. Most users save an average of 50% on their pool sanitation and maintenance expenses after installing the Hayward W3AQR9. If you enjoy saving money and avoiding harsh chemicals, then you will love this chlorinator. You won’t even have to pay money for a professional installer to hook up your salt water chlorinator because it is easy to do yourself. Hayward gives all buyers a 1-year warranty with the purchase of the W3AQR9 model.

3. Circupool CORE35 Salt Chlorinator System

The Circupool CORE35 Salt Chlorinator System is a powerful and innovative salt chlorinator system that uses a sand filter pump to produce chlorine from table salt. It has the strength to clean 35,000 gallons or less of water in a swimming pool. There is no off-season for the salt chlorinator system either. You can use it all year long to sanitize and clean your pool. You will love the look of your pool water after it has been filtered. It will appear clean, smooth and fresh for users to enjoy. There is an integrated control system to manage various functions of the salt chlorinator system. Use the touch keypad to activate the LED visuals and select how much table salt-to-chlorine output you would like produced. The control system will let you know when the chlorinator needs more table salt to produce the specified amount of chlorine for the pool water. Don’t worry about the bad weather because the CORE35 is IP-66 rated to be weather resistant. Circupool even gives customers a whopping eight-year warranty. That is one of the biggest warranties offered by any of the manufacturers on this list. Just be prepared to pay more money because the CORE35 is relatively expensive compared to the other chlorinator systems.

4. Blue Works BLRC35 Autopilot Pool Digital Chlorine Generator

The Blue Works BLRC35 is a replacement cell compatible with the Autopilot Chlorine Generator. The BLRC35 includes strong titanium cell plates which can handle roughly 35,000 gallons of pool water. Blue Works provides customers with a 1-year replacement warranty in case something goes wrong with the cell within the first year. It should make you feel better about buying it. There are three terminals in the cell. The third terminal has a sensor that tells you how much salt is left in your above ground or in-ground swimming pools. If you have questions about installing the cell, you can refer to the instruction manual included. The company’s customer support team is also beneficial too. Blue Works BLRC35 gives you all the high-quality materials you need to keep your pool clean. It is affordable, simple to install and requires little maintenance. Just be ready to monitor the cell regularly.

5. ControlOMatic SmarterSpa Salt for Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas

The ControlOMatic Chlorine Generation System is a premium saltwater chlorine generator for smaller swimming pools and hot tubs. It won’t take much effort to install this chlorine generation system because there is no plumbing or electrical work required. Just attach the panel to the exterior of your pool or hot tub, with the electrodes going into the water. The ControlOMatic Chlorine Generation System is designed to boost salt levels in the water in order to keep it clean. Only the appropriate amount of salt will be generated, thanks to the system’s chlorine detection system. You won’t have to spend much money, time, or energy on maintaining your pool or hot spa. The chlorine generation system has self-cleaning technology that does most of the work for you. Salt water is natural and healthy for your eyes and skin. You won’t be dealing with any irritating chemicals. The chlorine generation system can clean up to 1,000 gallons of water. The chlorine it produces is not like the traditional chlorine that stings your eyes. This chlorine is friendly to your eyes.

The Top 4 Features of a High-Quality Salt Water Chlorinator

When you search for the best salt water chlorinator for your particular swimming pool model, you should look for specific features that make it an excellent model. These features include:

1) Strength and Durability

Any good table salt-based chlorinator system should have strength and durability. That way, it can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. Most saltwater chlorinators are easily susceptible to damage if they don’t have weather-resistant materials to protect them. Keep that in mind.

2) Control Mechanism

The ideal salt water chlorinator will have a control mechanism that lets you regulate the chlorine and pH levels of the pool. If there is too much or too little chlorine, an alert should be given to warn you. This will ensure that you have the best quality water flow and clarity possible.

3) Self-Cleaning Technology

Don’t purchase a salt water chlorinator that requires manual cleanings. Find a chlorinator with self-cleaning cell technology. The system will last for a much longer time, and you won’t have to spend as much time on maintenance either.

4) Electrode Lifespan

Find a salt water chlorinator with a long-lasting electrode. That is how you determine a chlorinator’s strength and capacity.

The Top 7 Considerations for Selecting a Salt Water Chlorinator

There are more considerations to make than just the features of the chlorinator. Below are the top 7 considerations for selecting the ideal salt water chlorinator for your swimming pool.

1) High Capacity

A powerful salt water chlorinator generator will have a higher capacity and chlorine output. If you have a larger pool, pay attention to the maximum capacity of the salt water chlorinator. It will also determine the amount of maintenance you will need to do regularly as well.

2) Pool Size

Find out how many gallons of water that your pool holds. Then multiply this number by 1.5 or 2. The final answer should match the maximum capacity of your salt water chlorinator. It is best to have a chlorinator with a higher capacity than your pool. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool water is getting cleaned.

3) Number of Users

ow many people will use your pool together? If you like to have pool parties with lots of people, then you’ll need a more powerful salt water chlorinator (even if your pool is small).

4) Environment

Hot environments tend to have a higher rate of evaporation. You’ll need a robust salt water chlorinator to compensate for the evaporated water. A powerful chlorinator also becomes helpful in environments with a lot of rainfall or dusty air.

5) Compatibility

Make sure your salt water chlorinator is compatible with your pool. If you know your pool model and size, then it will help you determine whether a chlorinator is compatible with it or not. Some of the older inground swimming pools have plumbing with iron pipes and copper. If these materials are exposed to salt water, they will form rust.

It is best to have a swimming pool made from fiberglass, concrete, tile, vinyl, stone, or plaster. These materials can tolerate salt just fine.

6) Longevity

Research which salt water chlorinators have the best longevity. You’ll want your investment to last for a long time. It is normal to have to replace the cell after a certain number of years. Aside from that, your chlorinator should last for several years with basic maintenance performed.

7) DIY Installation

Do-it-yourself installations are the best. Find an easy-to-install salt water chlorinator that does not require a professional installer. You will save both time and money.

The Top 8 Benefits of Salt Water Chlorinators

Are you still thinking about whether a salt water chlorinator is worth the investment? Below are the top 8 benefits of making this investment.

1) No Irritating Chemicals

You won’t have to use any irritating chemicals to clean your pool water. A salt water chlorinator uses table salt to produce non-irritating chlorine for the water. As a result, your clothes, eyes, and skin will not experience any adverse side effects. Salt water is more environmentally friendly than chemicals too.

2) Less Maintenance

Salt water chlorinators reduce the required maintenance considerably. You can enjoy more time in the water rather than outside the water. The beauty of a salt water cleaning system is that it self-cleans. Your responsibilities are to monitor the levels of pH, hardness and alkaline in the water.

3) No Foul Odors

Cleaning chemicals emit an irritating and foul odor. You won’t have that experience with salt water chlorine. The smell will be fresh and natural, which is why you won’t experience skin or eye irritations.

4) Algae Prevention

Salt water chlorinators do a better job of stopping algae before it forms on the surface of the water.

5) Affordable

Salt water chlorinators require a one-time upfront investment. After that, you won’t have to keep purchasing cleaning chemicals ever again. Your only future investment will be for the salt replacement. That is it.

6) Versatile Compatibility

Salt water chlorinators are compatible with multiple types of water devices and appliances. You can find chlorinators for swimming pools (large and small), hot tubs, spas, etc.

7) Easy to Install

Most salt water chlorinators do not require a professional installer. You can easily install your own chlorinator and save money at the same time.

8) Long Life

If you perform basic maintenance tasks on your salt water chlorinator, you should get at least 7 years of life out of it. You can expand the lifespan by consistently cleaning the cell, using the right salt level, and taking advantage of the reverse polarity technology of the chlorinator.

Final Words

Salt water chlorinators offer a plethora of benefits to pool owners. They allow you to avoid costly sanitation chemicals that cause irritation. Just choose from one of the many reputable brands, such as Pentair, Hayward, or Intex Krystal Clear.

Check the reviews of a particular chlorinator product to make sure other people have had positive experiences with it. If you can get at least 3 to 7 years out of your chlorinator, then it will still be a worthy investment.

Pentair 520555 IntelliChlor IC40 Salt Chlorine Generator Cell (US Version)
  • Easy-to-view displays enable fast checking of salt levels, cell cleanliness, sanitizer output and water flow
  • Adjustment is as easy as pressing two buttons
  • All performance data—production settings, hours of operation, chlorine output, cell cleaning cycles, salt
  • Cell use tracking feature communicates remaining hours of cell life in real-time
  • Requires 520556 Intellichlor Power Center (sold seperately)
Pentair 520556 IntelliChlor Power Center For Salt Chlorine Generator Systems (US Version)
  • For use with the intellichlor salt generator
  • Connects with pool circulation pump
  • Converts ac electrical current to low voltage dc
  • Automatic shut-off feature protects the unit and prolongs cell life under low-water-temperature conditions
  • Power center replacement kit
Hayward W3AQR9 AquaRite Salt Chlorination System for In-Ground Pools up to 25,000 Gallons
  • FOR MEDIUM SIZED POOLS: For in-ground pools up to 25,000 gallons and includes Hayward TurboCell Salt Chlorination Cell W3T-CELL-9
  • NO MORE HANDLING CHLORINE: Automatically converts salt into chlorine, naturally, while providing continuous sanitization. No more mixing, measuring or handling liquid or tablet chlorine.
  • LUXURIOUSLY SOFT WATER THAT IS GENTLER ON THE EYES: Pool water so soft that won’t irritate eyes like traditional chlorine pools
  • WON’T DRY OUT SKIN AND HAIR: The silky soft water leaves skin and hair feeling smooth, not dry
  • WON’T FADE FABRICS: The soft water is more gentle and won’t fade fabrics like traditional chlorine pools
Circupool CORE35 Salt Chlorinator System | 8 Year Warranty with No DIY Install Penalty | USA Titanium | 1.4 lb CL Output | Electronic Chlorine Generator for Swimming Pools up to 35,000 Gallons
  • Revolutionary compact design allows for incredibly easy DIY installation.
  • 5th-Generation system, combining the best in advanced technology with reliable, simple operation.
  • USA Titanium Cell, with industry-best 8-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Heavy-Duty, Weather-Proof construction with IP-66 Rated Protection.
BLUE WORKS Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator System BLSC Chlorinator | Cell Plates Made by USA Manufacturer(25,000 Gallon, White Cell)
  • Reliable Performance: Cell plates made by USA manufacturer. The BLSC30 Salt Chlorinator System is certified by the Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) and produce Sanitized water that won’t occur itchy skin, red eyes or hair problems.
  • The BLSC 30’s Advantage: BLSC 30 Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator System works with any brand pump and filter. Easy-friendly installation.
  • Among Top10 the Best Salt Chlorinators 2018/2019/2020 by Ezvid Wiki.
  • Direct Observation: View Readings of Salt Pool Through Window immediately without opening door
  • What You Get: 2-Year full USA warranty and professional USA support. The package includes Control box, Salt Cell, Flow Switch, Unions and O rings. Blue Works BLSC30 Salt Chlorination System isn’t produced or sold by Hayward.
ControlOMatic SmarterSpa Saltwater Smart Chlorine Generation System for Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas up to 1,000 Gallons – 30 Gram Maximum Daily Chlorine Generation, Built-in Chlorine Detection
  • CONTROL-O-MATIC POOL CHLORINATOR – Quite simply, Control-o-Matic is a line of saltwater chlorinators for home or professional swimming pools or spas. Enjoy better water and a dramatic reduction in maintenance.
  • SMART AUTOMATIC CHLORINATION – Using its chlorine detection system, the MegaChlor will generate only what it needs to when it needs to. The self-cleaning system reduces the time you spend worrying about maintenance.
  • EASY TO INSTALL & USE – The ControlOMatic’s plug-and-play system does not require pluming or mechanical alternations.Just attach the panel to the outside of your pool and lower the electrode into the water.
  • EASIER ON EYES & SKIN – Salt is the same ingredient used in today’s water softening systems, and has a natural affect on softening the water in your pool or spa as well.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Can generate up to 30 grams of pure chlorine per day. 10 levels of production, supporting up to 1,000 gallons of water. Features built-in self-cleaning reverse polarity technology. *IMPORTANT NOTE: Canadian regulations say SmarterSpa can be imported into Canada for the purpose of export only, for the time being.